5 Truths About Your Fears They Haven’t Told You

Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash

We all have them — Fears.

Whether your fears are about something tangible, like spiders or heights; or whether they’re about something more intricate, like commitment or judgement — fear is fear. It’s part of our nature to have fear, and if you’ve been reading self-help books and blogs, you’ve been given ways to overcome this obstacle. However, I’ve created a different mentality around fear that I think is more effective, and I’d like to share those five personal truths with you.

  1. Your fear is not your enemy — As hard as that may be to accept, this is the biggest truth I’ve found. Fear is like your personal bouncer in your life — he may not always smile and he may be a dick sometimes, but his existence is necessary for your survival, safety, and awareness. If we didn’t have fear, we would dive into being reckless individuals; and while that sounds spontaneous, it keeps us on the edge of risk at all times. That’s exhausting! It’s also dangerous. Your fear is a part of you, and you are whole, divine, and incapable of grandiosely failing (as you may sometimes think). So why, in your perfect creation, would you ever have something like Fear destroying your life’s path? You don’t. Your fear is not your enemy. So what is it then?

In my personal life, I’ve been putting these truths into practice. Every day is a new day to welcome a little piece of myself back; and while healing and practicing are never linear, the journey to befriending my fear has taken me to new heights, as a writer, teacher, friend, and everything in-between. I invite you to start small — maybe once a week, take out a pen and paper and start to write down what you’re afraid of. Then begin to dig a little deeper, like an archaeologist of your own soul, to get to the smaller, older fears that have been waiting to be uncovered. And then let them be. Allow them to exist in your life, because they’re not “bad” or “negative” — they’re a part of you. And you are nothing short of God-like.

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