5 Reasons Why I’ve Opted For Solo Travel And Will Never Look Back (Nor Wait For Anyone Else)

How many wanderlust articles do you stumble upon every day, while sitting in your office or on your couch? How many times have you daydreamed of packing your suitcase and going on that trip you’ve always envisioned? And then how many trips have you bailed on because you didn’t have someone with whom to go?

When I realized that my list of reliable travel buddies was getting short, I accepted two fates: I was going to either travel based on other people’s availability (and probably never go where I wanted), or put my big girl pants on and go out into the world alone. That latter decision was both exhilarating and downright debilitating, but as I look back on all of my adventures over the years, I’m over-the-moon grateful that I took that chance. And here’s why I did:

  1. I wanted to see the world through my experience — It’s easy to allow other people’s perceptions of a place to cloud (or create!) our own judgement of it. Because we’re constantly bombarded with images and news that indirectly shape our vision of the world, we become subconsciously afraid of it. Yet, it’s so beautiful! I wanted to explore it on my own, cutting away at those cords that other people have placed upon me, so that I could come home with a real Not only has that made for awesome story-telling, but it has turned me into a well-rounded person.

Traveling alone has given me the liberty to not only see the world through my own experience of it, but to see myself in relation to it. It’s created space for me to learn about myself, and therefore, about others. I’m grateful for the knowledge and the wisdom, but perhaps more importantly, for the time I’ve spent alone. I know now that the company of myself is as rich and fulfilling as the relationships of people I’ve come to love and admire.

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